A Very Good Book To Read

A very good book to read, and very scary, is “Swallow This: Serving up the Food Industry’s Darkest Secrets” by Joanna Blythman. Joanna is an award-winning, British, investigative food journalist and writer; she is well respected.

The book goes into how the food industry prepares so many of the foods that people eat – the ingredients, the processing of the food and what they have to say about the food; the clever way of telling you that the oil that your chicken nuggets are fried in, before they reach the supermarket shelf, has been used for 12 days and to keep it looking good and still tasting good, the food company has added varnish and antifreeze to it. You can put lift your jaw off the floor now. And that lovely fresh salad that you bought, because it’s healthy (much better than a chocolate brownie, you think), has been sprayed with an acid solution to keep it looking fresh and extending the shelf life by 21 days. Because so many of the horror ingredients used are only used in the processing of the food, the manufacturers do not have to put them on the list of ingredients on the packaging.

Some of the baddies do have to be put onto the ingredients list but the food industry has come up with ways to make those horrors sound oh-so-not-bad. Why does shop-bread need 12-15 ingredients in it when home-made bread only needs 3-5? What are they putting in there? This book will make your hair stand on end but , if you read it, and I highly recommend that you do, you will then be able to make better choices at the supermarket and feed your family on truly healthy food.



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